Canon 15.5-47mm. t2.8

Product Description

Key Features
Mount Type
Zoom Ratio
Focal Length Range
15.5 - 47mm
Angular Field of View
1.78:124.0 x 13.5mm - (H) 75.5° (Wide)/28.6° (Tele) (W) 47.1° (Wide)/16.3° (Tele) 1.9:126.2 x 13.8mm - H) 80.4° (Wide)/31.1° (Tele) (W) 48.0° (Wide)/16.7° (Tele)
Number of Blades
Maximum Photometric Aperture T Number
T 2.8 (15.5 - 47mm)
MOD from Front of Lens
1'8" / 0.5mm
Size Length mm mod1
114 x 125 x 214mm
4.8lbs / 2.2kg
Front Diameter

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